You can access this application anywhere at any time using the iPhone and Android app. LinkFixer Advanced actually generates a variety of detailed link reports showing all of the links contained within your files. It will even automatically validate each and every link, including links pointing to external HTML Web pages, so that broken links […]

Windows 11 Is The Next Big Os

Much like the Windows 10 rollout, the Windows 11 release will be staggered with a vision to reach all devices by mid-2022. As per the tech giant, unsupported hardware may experience more Blue Screen of Death errors than devices that meet the requirements. Microsoft is promising a 99.8% Free Address Book download crash-free experience for […]

Windows Admins, Disable windows Search Now!

This is a case where Avast is genuinely doing great work in defending your PC. Because Windows uses the Service Host process for so many tasks, it’s common to see increased RAM usage of svchost.exe in Task Manager. You’ll also see many instances of svchost.exe running in Task Manager because Windows groups similar services together, […]

26586308 how to get 7 zip

Download Tableau Desktop This is another file-compressing solution for Windows 10 users. Just like WinZip, this tool is straightforward to use and efficient too. It allows you to encrypt your files, backup files, and package them to share with others. WinRAR has more than 500 million people using the tool to organize and password-protect their […]

How To Install Windows 11 On Older, Unsupported Pcs

The CPU requirements for upgrading to Windows 11 include—with just a few exceptions—having a processor from Intel’s eighth generation and newer, or AMD’s Zen 2 series and up. Microsoft has said that those chips support security features such as virtualization-based security, or VBS. This is crucial, according to Microsoft, because VBS enables memory integrity—a way […]

85333851 how to compare in notepad++

Notepad++ 8 2 Free Download For Windows 10, 8 And 7 If you are trying to figure these questions out, this post is what you need. For this exercise, you are going to use Notepad++ which is free. Open the terminal and navigate to the directory with Notepad++. Download the installer for Wine Stable from […]