Zurich C Permit Language Requirements

As far as I have been informed, you must have completed the german total A2 permit for the C permit in the canton of Zurich, and not A1/A2 as in the rest of Switzerland The permits concerned are the B (temporary stay) and C (permanent stay) permits. The L permit is normally used as a “buffer” when the demand for a permit is high or an adjustment to the total number of B or C permits needs to be compensated. For the requirements of the Swiss language test, which are designed to allow you to cope with everyday life (you do not have to prove that you are perfect, just that you can survive!) in Zurich or Switzerland, the important levels are: Hello Anna, if you come from an EU country, you do not need language requirements for the B permit for the first or extension. With the signing of the Schengen Agreement on the 12th. In December 2008, Switzerland began issuing foreigners with a new residence permit in the form of a credit card. Understand the most important points of the information in the news, you are familiar with the most important information given by your employer or an authority (The local police in Zurich will use English or another language and will always give you a ticket. Don`t think you have one on them just because they`re nice to you). In short, the new law provides for a certain degree of integration in Switzerland as a prerequisite for obtaining and maintaining a Swiss permit. In order to measure the degree of integration, the authorities may require evidence, including but not limited to proof of official knowledge of Switzerland. Non-Swiss nationals who applied for a C permit were previously (with a few exceptions) already subject to language requirements. However, specific requirements were previously subject to the practice of the cantonal authorities. For example, local differences (for example.

B with regard to the language level required) applied. There are a number of recognized language certificates, including the SEM language passport or the official SEM list. B Renewal of the permit or application or proof of studies (decision likely to result in a short-term L permit to give you time to organize your studies if you are not from the EU). A2 spoken and A1 written There is currently no language test for Romansh that meets the quality criteria and requirements of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE). Level B1It is considered by many to be the beginning of language support for the intermediate level and each accreditation helps you show that you are personally safer when using your German or French or Italian in Switzerland. As of January 1, 2020, the language certificate must be obtained from one of the following accredited institutions. See the list here. C permit holders who do not meet the required language skills and/or do not comply with an integration agreement may be transferred to temporary resident status (B permit). First-generation residence permits for foreigners (i.e. no stored biometric data) remain valid until the expiry date. For a complete overview of language requirements and trusted certificate providers.

their oral and written skills in the language spoken in the Swiss region where they live or wish to move, upon presentation of a language certificate (level: at least A1); The problem occurs if the B permit is not renewed because your residency status is affected. For example, in the case of an extension request, the Canton of Zurich currently only requires a language diploma if the B license was initially granted after the entry into force of the revised FNIA (1 January 2019). The language certification threshold is neither high nor difficult as long as you are trying to engage in activities of daily living (see FAQ below). Foreigners who resided in Switzerland and who have completed their primary education in one of the three languages may also be exempted. Proof that you have the required language skills is presumed verifiable if you qualify for one of the following exclusions: In a follow-up development in early 2011, a microchip was added to these residence permits to store biometric data. All non-Swiss citizens who apply for a C permit (unless a contract provides for an unlimited right to a C permit) or an extension of a C permit until January 1, 2020, the date of entry into force of the requirements for standard language certificates, uncertainties regarding the implementation of these requirements are to be expected. Fragomen will continue to report on relevant updates. Holders of rejected B permits have less rights or time to appeal, and often, if a B permit is expected, the authorities will issue a short 3-month L permit. Those who are members of non-European nationality aged 18 or over and who apply for a B permit (initial applications or renewal) must be able to prove either the following: L permit holders who wish to upgrade to a B after a confirmation of employment after the probationary period or the renewal of a contract. . .