B&G Zeus³S Glass Helm Processor

Build a tailored, multi-display system that is perfect for you and your boat. The Zeus3S Glass Helm sailing processor is a compact ‘black box’ solution containing two Quad Core processors and the connectivity options needed to integrate and expand your yacht system. Add two touchscreen or keypad monitors in your choice of size, with each functioning as a separate multifunction display; In addition to the innovative sailing specific features, you can connect with a wide range of third party accessories from charting, radar and sonar, to autopilot for complete system control.
The new Zeus3S Glass Helm Processor has twice the previous version’s performance, which delivers category leading response times for incredibly smooth transitions. Gain instant access to the sailing and system information you need, you need, as you need it, no matter the conditions, all thanks to the new iMX 8 integrated six-core processor. Create your own custom helm layouts to suit any activity, and switch seamlessly between layouts in an instant. Navigate charts and use your sailing features such as RacePanel and SailSteer, whilst also viewing connected systems such as autopilot, radar and sonar, with a single touch.

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Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 1.06 kg
Boyutlar 28.1 × 23.2 × 6.6 cm


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